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Rare Silver Massey II escapment watch by Irish maker Gaskin of Dublin Chester hallmark for 1834.

Yates slow beat lever watch. Heavy silver case with gold hinges has a Chester hallmark for 1885.

Full hunter 9ct gold Birmingham Hallmark 1910 Royal Waltham movement made for Russell Liverpool, in leather case.
Swiss 18ct gold Full hunter , A late 19th Century quarter repeating chronograph in a gold full hunter case.

18ct Gold duplex watch by Thomas Fredrick Cooper  London c 1830


Superb 9k gold gents pocket watch, with Chester hallmark for 1926.
Superb 9k gold gents pocket watch, with Birmingham hallmark for 1925.


Superb 9k gold gents pocket watch made by J. Benson London, with London hallmark 1940.


Early watch is silver pair cased verge watch, made by D. Cuming Stamford c 1802


Early gilt champeleve dial verge watch
by the well known maker Edward Faulkner London
c 1730


Very rare original Thomas Tompion and Edward Bangor
verge fusee movement c 1700

Very rare original Thomas Tompion and George Graham
verge fusee movement c 1700
W 041
Early 18th cent Dumb quarter repeater.  Made by  Joseph Antram. London. c 1710
Very rare Gilt Tortishell paircase verge watch by the Great John Ellicott Junior of London c 1740
Very rare Gilt paircase cylinder watch by the Great John Ellicott Junior of London


Very rare superb under painted horn silver paircase, cylinder watch by the Great John Ellicott Junior of London
London Hallmark 1757

Gilt consular cased watch,  genuine verge movement 2351
made around 1700 by the great Thomas Tompion London
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